About Us

Bigdata Courses Chennai is an initiative run by Core Mind technologies which have its inception dated. We are in the industry serving the people for the past many years. Our team which is dedicatedly created for Bigdata Chennai work on the bleeding edge of the Data Science and AI with research work, training programs and Industry collaboration to work on AI & ML(Machine Learning) related products

Our Partner companies are broadly chosen based on their contribution in two aspects namely

  • Provide Technology roadmap in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to help us absorb all the relevant Tools and technologies to strengthen our Data Science Initiatives
  • Companies that are interested in creating new Projects or Research teams to further their Data Science work, they help us in absorbing the talent pool built through our training programs

We have taken years painstaking effort to identify & collate a big team of like-minded people working at various companies across various Industries in the Data Science field. We are in the process of bringing them under our Bigdata, Data Science, AI initiatives by Signing MoU under different categories to achieve our shared vision of Artificial Intelligence Driven future which is full of exciting opportunities for Core Mind technologies, our Partner Companies as well as for our students who take up the advance trainings conducted by our Researchers and developers.

Vision Statement

Our team of researchers together with our associated partners and our students create a better world which provides comfort, convenience, and betterment to the society across industry verticals through the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Mission Statement

Realise the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in creating Impactful Solutions for the benefit of society.


We live by the motto Results count and People matter. We invest a lot of time in choosing the right people to lead the right projects and initiatives. Our core values are Innovation through collaboration, mutual trust, and shared prosperity.